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Become a VIP Seller & Get Priority Feedback From Your Realtor

With our Home Feedback System you'll get timely, online, direct feedback from prospective buyers and sell your home FASTER!

Many of our clients come to us after an unpleasant experience with other Ottawa real estate agents. The reality is that some real estate representatives are more concerned about generating listings than they are about selling them. With an agent like this, it’ll become more difficult to contact them – they won’t return your calls in a timely manner or provide you with feedback on the progress of your listing.

Get 24/7 access to our Home Feedback System

How it works

Every time a prospective buyer views your property, we enter the showing details into our Home Feedback System.

It can be discouraging when you’re not making much progress with selling your home, and your agent becomes distant because of it. Many Ottawa real estate agents work with an unproductive mindset. They believe that a home will always sell if they put it into multiple listing searches – even if it takes months and price reductions to do it.

Once the information is entered into the system, the buyer’s sales representative is notified (up to three times) to solicit the buyers’ comments on your home. Follow-ups are crucial, and many Ottawa real estate representatives fail to follow up at all, which is why we go the extra mile to follow up with them three times. Once we receive the buyers’ feedback on the property, the comments are automatically loaded into the system.

Additionally, our system logs the name and contact information of each prospective buyers’ sales representative. Once we receive offers on your property or any changes to your listing, we can notify these sales representatives instantly via e-mail. Not only will you stay up to date on the feedback from your buyers, but buyers will also stay up to date about the activity on your home. Since we can get this information out quickly and efficiently, you’re more likely to get more offers and possible bidding wars on your home.

As our client, you will receive private online access to this system where you can:

The sooner you get feedback from buyers, the easier it is to clear up any misconceptions about your home, resolve any problems or address concerns that may arise. With our system, we can receive and provide immediate feedback from prospective buyers before it can negatively impact the sale of your home.


Become a VIP Seller today and gain 24/7 access to our Home Feedback System. For more information about our cutting-edge services, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us!