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Get Mortgage pre-approval with the Best Financial Rates

Before getting your house hunting in Ottawa started, get the best financing rates

We highly suggest taking advantage of pre-approval. If you’re interested in more information, simply complete the form on this page. Once we receive your request, we will connect you with a mortgage professional who will help you find the best mortgage rate and lowest closing costs.

Want to find out how much you can afford on your next home?

Get Pre-Approved for a Mortgage at the Best Possible Rate!

Best financing rates for your new home

We’ve simplified the process of finding the best financing prices for you

The Best Financing: A 3-Point Plan report offers a comprehensive and straightforward outline. It outlines the three most critical steps that expert Ottawa real estate agents use to find the absolute best financing rates. In this report, you’ll find information on where you should go, essential questions you should ask, and the best way to manage your experience and use it to your advantage. When you order this report today, you’ll unlock the industry’s best-kept secrets. Find the best financing rates so that you can buy and move into your next home as quickly as possible. 

Mortage Pre-Approval

Negotiating is crucial when it comes time to buy a home

When buying in a strong market, sellers have more leads and can be selective when choosing which buyer they’re willing to negotiate with. It’s a seller’s market, so sellers have the upper hand because there’s a significant amount of interest and multiple offers on their property. Many buyers go about this process completely wrong and end up putting themselves at an overwhelming disadvantage. To prevent this, there are some steps you can take to ensure your offer is the one a seller chooses.


When sellers have multiple offers to choose from, they will consider numerous factors. Imagine you’re a seller with two proposals: one buyer has a certificate of financing approval, and the other buyer is still conditioned on financing. Naturally, you’d be more likely to choose the buyer who was already approved. Too often, buyers will wait to start the financing until after they’ve found a home. Doing this beforehand can help put your offer at the top of a seller’s list of offers. Even if you’re a good, qualified buyer who’ll very likely be approved – the seller has no guarantee.


Furthermore, starting your financing early makes more sense from a cost-saving perspective. When you get a head start on your financing, you’re able to get a firm grasp on your interest rate and estimate of points and closing costs. This relieves you of any time constraints and makes it less likely that you’ll end up overpaying for your home.

Mortgage Calculator

We’ve designed a mortgage calculator to help you determine what kind of house you can afford.


How to use the calculator:


1) Input the cost of the house you wish to purchase in the total amount field and the down payment amount in the down payment field then click on the calculate button to determine the total mortgage cost within your budget.


2) A pop-up window will appear with the details of your monthly payment amount, principal and interest values for the amortization period you’ve chosen. 

Get an estimated mortgage cost


This calculator does not replace professional financial advice. All results are for demonstration purposes only. Your mortgage lender may use a different calculation method.