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Price Your Home for the Value You Want

How to price your home when you decide to sell is one of the top things on your mind -selling your home for the highest amount you can!

Unfortunately, many homeowners feel ill-equipped regarding the skills, tools, and knowledge that can make this goal achievable. Setting your asking price is one of the most crucial steps you take in your home selling journey. Pricing your home too high or too low can damage your selling potential. Looking at other homes for sale in Ottawa is a great place to start but won’t provide you with enough information to make the best decision – there’s more to it.

Obviously, you want to sell your home at a reasonable price, but you also want to sell it for a price that’s acceptable for you. It’s possible to get the best of both worlds.

Our report called Pricing Your Home: How to Get the Price You Want (and Need)” will simplify pricing strategy from three different angles in a way that’s easy to understand. You’ll gain the knowledge you need to price your home to sell and for the price you want.

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Getting the Best Price + Getting YOUR Price

Most of the time, the price of your home is the first impression and the first bit of information that a buyer gets.

Many buyers won’t even give your property a second glance if the price doesn’t seem appropriate or if it’s outside of their price range. Additionally, there are ways to price your home strategically to appear in more search results – another reason you shouldn’t take pricing strategy lightly. First impressions are essential, especially when it comes to selling your home, so it’s imperative that you price it accordingly. Pricing a home isn’t always straightforward; it’s an imperfect science – market factors and the skill of the person negotiating can influence a lot.

Negotiating can sound highly intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be.

Making the tables turn in your favour can be easy when you have a proven system to follow and know the signals and the language. Negotiating is a crucial component of buying and selling a home. Being familiar with negotiation strategies like bidding wars, countering at your list price, agreeing to pay closing costs, and putting an expiry date on your counteroffer can give you the upper hand. Now, if only you could borrow these skills from professional negotiators who have years of experience successfully out bargaining their opponents. Well, we have great news – you can!

Knowledge is power and in Ottawa real estate, the more knowledge you have, the more money that can end up in your pocket. We’ve created a simple, free report outlining the four most common mistakes that home sellers make when they’re negotiating the price to sell their homes. By following the advice and information in this report, you’ll gain the confidence to ask for more, unlocking the possibility to net thousands more than your original list price! Get your free, no-obligation report today by filling out the information on this page.

We’re here to help, and as always – there’s no cost and no obligation., so grab a copy of our report titled Pricing Your Home: How to Get the Price You Want (and Need)”  today.