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Find your perfect fit in Ottawa's vibrant neighborhoods! Uncover the top-rated districts catering to diverse range lifestyles.

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Welcome to the city of Ottawa, where old-world charm meets modern lifestyle! As Canada’s capital, Ottawa is a politically significant cultural and recreational hub. Ottawa neighborhoods offer unique lifestyles for everyone aside from being blessed with natural beauty, rich history, and diverse cultures.

In this blog, we aim to help you find the perfect neighborhood in the city of Ottawa, whether you’re looking to raise a family, kick-start your career, or enjoy a peaceful retirement. So, let’s explore the city and discover what makes Ottawa the ideal place to call home.

City of Ottawa’s Neighbourhoods by the Numbers

Let’s take a look at some interesting statistics about Ottawa’s neighborhoods to illustrate their diversity and appeal further:

Population Distribution

Ottawa is home to approximately 1 million people spread across its numerous neighborhoods. The most populous neighborhoods include Barrhaven and Orleans, each home to over 80,000 residents.

Green Spaces

With over 4,300 hectares of parkland and green space, Ottawa offers its residents a breath of fresh air. The Greenbelt surrounding the city spans 20,000 hectares and includes parts of several neighborhoods.

Crime Rates

Ottawa has a lower crime rate than other major Canadian cities. Neighborhoods like Rockcliffe Park and New Edinburgh are mainly known for their safety.

Transit Usage

Ottawa’s commitment to public transportation is notable. As of 2021, about 20% of Ottawa’s population used public transit for commuting, and the ongoing LRT expansion sets to increase this figure, further boosting the appeal of neighborhoods near LRT stations.

Trains Will Be More of Use with Lrt Expansion | Ottawa Property Shop
<em>Trains will be more of use with LRT expansion<em>

Average House Prices

As of 2023, the average house price in Ottawa is nearly $700,000. However, this varies significantly between neighborhoods. For instance, areas like Rockcliffe Park and Westboro tend to have higher average house prices due to their desirable features and amenities.

Best Ottawa Neighborhoods for Families

When choosing a neighborhood for families, many factors come into play. Let’s look at some of Ottawa’s best family-friendly neighborhoods.


Httpsenwikipediaorgwikibarrhaven | Ottawa Property Shop
<a href=httpsenwikipediaorgwikiBarrhaven target= blank rel=noreferrer noopener><em>Barrhaven neighborhood<em><a>

Barrhaven is a suburban haven. Its low crime rates, high-ranking schools, and spacious parks make it an ideal place for children to grow up. Community events like Barrhaven’s Canada Day Celebration foster a close-knit community, making it a warm and welcoming place for families.


Panoramic View of Stittsville Neighborhood | Ottawa Property Shop
<a href=httpsstittsvillecentralcaaerial video fairwinds stittsville>Panoramic view of Stittsville neighborhood<a>

Offering a harmonious blend of city life and small-town charm, Stittsville is popular among families. Its top-notch schools and variety of recreational facilities make it a desirable neighborhood. The Stittsville Village Association hosts regular community events, promoting engagement and a sense of belonging.


Orleans Neighborhood | Ottawa Property Shop
<a href=httpsottawaisnotboringcom20210316orleans beauty and nature in the east end of ottawa><em>Orleans neighborhood<em><a>

Located east of downtown Ottawa and known for its safety, high-quality schools, and excellent leisure facilities, Orleans is a hit with families. The annual Orleans Festival and Petrie Island Summer Smash offer family-friendly entertainment, while its rich green spaces provide ample outdoor activity opportunities.


the Neighborhood Overlooking Ottawa River | Ottawa Property Shop
<a href=httpsthegramercywestborocomliving in westboro><em>The neighborhood overlooking Ottawa River<em><a>

Westboro is a lively and family-friendly neighborhood near the Ottawa River. Its schools are among the best in Ottawa, and the area is known for its recreational facilities, including Dovercourt Recreation Centre and Westboro Beach.

Best Ottawa Neighbourhoods for Young Professionals

Young professionals need a balance of work and play. Here are some Ottawa neighborhoods that offer just that:


the Lively Centretow | Ottawa Property Shop
<a href=httpscanadiangeographiccaarticlesthe local life centretown ottawa><em>The lively Centretow<em><a>

A hub for young professionals, Centretown offers easy access to business districts and many job opportunities. After work, unwind at trendy bars or restaurants, or attend a show at one of the neighborhood’s many theatres. Near Centretown is Ottawa’s Chinatown at Somerset Street West, a known multicultural hub.

ByWard Market

the Thing That Makes the Neighborhood Famous | Ottawa Property Shop
<a href=httpswwwcntravelercomactivitiesottawabyward market><em>The thing that makes the neighborhood famous<em><a>

ByWard Market is a vibrant and dynamic neighborhood, and its startup culture and versatile job opportunities make it a magnet for young professionals. Food markets, eclectic boutiques, and bustling nightlife add to its charm that can rival that of Bayshore Shopping Centre.

Little Italy

the Neighborhood Skyline | Ottawa Property Shop
<a href=httpsenwikipediaorgwikiLittle Italy Ottawa><em>The neighborhood skyline<em><a>

Little Italy is popular with young professionals because of its trendy restaurants and annual Italian Week. Its proximity to Dow’s Lake and the O-Train’s Carling station makes it an attractive choice.


the Artistic Neighborhood is Famous for Boutiques | Ottawa Property Shop
<a href=httpseditsevencahow to spend one day in hintonburg ottawa cutest neighbourhood><em>The artistic neighborhood is famous for boutiques<em><a>

Hintonburg is a neighborhood with a vibrant arts scene and unique local shops that appeal to young professionals. Its blend of traditional charm and modern amenities offers a high-quality urban lifestyle.

It is within walking distance to Wellington West and near the Great Canadian Theatre Company; it is best to live here for those with an artistic vibe.

Best Ottawa Neighbourhoods for Retirees

Retirees often value peacefulness, green spaces, and easy access to healthcare facilities. Here are a few Ottawa neighborhoods that cater to these needs:

New Edinburgh

Nice to Walk at Minto Bridges | Ottawa Property Shop
<a href=httpsottawaroadtripscom20220117one hour walk ottawas new edinburgh neighbourhood><em>Nice to walk at Minto Bridges<em><a>

East of the downtown core, New Edinburgh is part of the Rideau Canal lock system, a neighborhood that combines tranquility with convenience. Its lush green spaces offer relaxation and leisure activities, while its proximity to health facilities ensures peace of mind.

Rockcliffe Park

One of the Most Expensive Homes in the Neighborhood | Ottawa Property Shop
<a href=httpsottawactvnewscaa look inside one of the most expensive homes ever sold in ottawa 16231291><em>One of the most expensive homes in the neighborhood<em><a>

Rockcliffe Park is an upscale neighborhood known for its quiet streets and beautiful parks. Its access to cultural centers like the Rockcliffe Park Public Library and various clubs enhances its appeal to retirees.


a Lagoon in Glebe Ctto Glebecaca | Ottawa Property Shop
<a href=httpsglebecacaparks committee><em>A lagoon in Glebe<em><a>

Glebe is a vibrant neighborhood with a strong sense of community. Its various clubs and activities and its proximity to healthcare facilities and parks make it an excellent choice for retirees.

Kanata Lakes

Houses and Golf Course at Kanata Lakes | Ottawa Property Shop
<a href=httpsourkanatagreenspaceca><em>Houses and golf course at Kanata Lakes<em><a>

Kanata Lakes is a serene neighborhood with beautiful landscapes and golf courses. Its peaceful environment and top-notch amenities make it a desirable location for retirees.

Unique Aspects of Ottawa Neighbourhoods

Every neighborhood in Ottawa has the unique characteristics that make it stand out. Let’s delve deeper into some of these aspects:

Green Spaces

Ottawa is known for its beautiful parks and green spaces. These areas add to the aesthetic appeal of neighborhoods and provide spaces for relaxation and recreation.

Architectural Style

Ottawa’s architectural style blends old and new, reflecting the city’s rich history and modern growth. This architectural diversity adds character to Ottawa neighborhoods, making each one unique.

Community Involvement

Community events and festivals are integral to Ottawa’s neighborhoods. These events foster community, making neighborhoods more vibrant and welcoming.

Transport and Accessibility

Ottawa neighborhoods are well-connected, with an efficient public transportation system. You can reach downtown Ottawa and other attractions like Parliament Hill, Hampton Park, and the Canadian Museum of Nature in Ottawa South in no time. Proximity to major roads, highways, and public transport routes adds to a neighborhood’s appeal.

Hidden Gems: Lesser-Known Ottawa Neighborhoods

Let’s explore some of the lesser-known but equally appealing Ottawa neighborhoods.


the Relaxing Vibe of Vanier | Ottawa Property Shop
<a href=httpsenwikipediaorgwikiVanier Ontario><em>The relaxing vibe of Vanier<em><a>

Vanier is a culturally diverse neighborhood with a vibrant arts scene. Known for its affordability, it offers a unique blend of urban living with a small-town vibe.

Riverside South

a View of Barrhaven and Riverside South | Ottawa Property Shop
<a href=httpswwwredditcomrottawacommentsty13k9barrhavenriverside south from above july 2021><em>A view of Barrhaven and Riverside South<em><a>

Riverside offers a mix of modern homes and green spaces. Its new shopping centers and restaurants, combined with an active community association, make it a neighborhood worth considering.

Alta Vista

Two Houses in Alta Vista | Ottawa Property Shop
<a href=httpsottawamagazinecomhomesneighbourhoods20 best neighbourhoods cost is no issue><em>Two houses in Alta Vista<em><a>

Alta Vista is a quiet neighborhood known for its spacious homes and mature trees. Its proximity to hospitals and shopping centers makes it a convenient choice for families and retirees.


a Sunny Day in Carlington | Ottawa Property Shop
<a href=httpsenwikipediaorgwikiCarlington><em>A sunny day in Carlington<em><a>

Carlington is an affordable neighborhood that’s seen significant growth over the years. It offers a range of housing options, from single-family homes to apartments, making it suitable for various lifestyle needs.

Future Developments in Ottawa Neighborhoods

Ottawa is a city that’s continually evolving. Let’s look at some of the planned developments that could enhance the appeal of Ottawa neighborhoods:

Light Rail Transit (LRT)

The expansion of Ottawa’s LRT system sets out to improve connectivity across the city. This development will add value to neighborhoods close to LRT stations, making commuting easier for residents.

Greystone Village

This planned community in Old Ottawa East will include residential units, retail spaces, and parks. Once complete, it could become one of Ottawa’s most sought-after neighborhoods.

Zibi Development

The Zibi Development project aims to transform industrial lands into a sustainable community with residences, businesses, and public spaces. This development could make neighborhoods like LeBreton Flats more appealing.

Factors to Consider when Choosing a Neighborhood

Finding the perfect neighborhood is like fitting together pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. Here are some crucial factors to consider:

Safety and Security

Safety is paramount—research crime rates, public safety initiatives, and community engagement programs to ensure peace of mind.


Amenities are the backbone of everyday life, from schools and hospitals to shopping centers and restaurants. Evaluate what’s important to you and check if the neighborhood provides it.

Proximity to Work or Leisure Spots

A shorter commute can save time and reduce stress, while proximity to recreational spots can increase leisure options. Consider your daily routine and choose accordingly.

Community Vibe

Every neighborhood has its unique vibe, reflected in its festivals, markets, community events, and general lifestyle. Visit the neighborhood, talk to residents, and see if it feels like home.

Being One with the Community Promotes Positivity | Ottawa Property Shop
<em>Being one with the community promotes positivity<em>

Lifestyle Compatibility

Your neighborhood should match your lifestyle. A neighborhood with parks and trails might be ideal if you’re active and outdoorsy. If you value a strong sense of community, look for neighborhoods known for community events and engagement.

Noise Levels and Privacy

Consider the neighborhood’s noise levels. Some people thrive in bustling areas with plenty of activities, while others prefer quiet, peaceful neighborhoods. The level of privacy you desire can also influence your choice.

Future Prospects

Think about the neighborhood’s prospects. Is it up-and-coming? Are there any planned developments that could enhance its appeal or property value?

Property Taxes

Property taxes can significantly impact your cost of living. Check the property tax rates in potential neighborhoods and consider how they fit into your budget.

Resale Value

Consider the neighborhood’s potential resale value if you plan on selling your home. Some areas have a higher potential for growth and increased property values than others.

Final Thoughts

Choosing a neighborhood is a profoundly personal decision, influenced by your lifestyle, needs, and aspirations. This blog explores some of the best Ottawa neighborhoods for families, young professionals, and retirees, highlighting their unique features and benefits.

Remember, the best neighborhood for you is the one that feels like home. It should cater to your needs, align with your lifestyle, and, most importantly, make you feel happy and content. We encourage you to explore these neighborhoods further and consider your lifestyle needs in your decision-making process.

the Ideal Neighborhood is Where You Feel at Home | Ottawa Property Shop
<em>The ideal neighborhood is where you feel at home<em>

Here’s to finding your perfect place in the heart of one of Ottawa’s beautiful neighborhoods. Happy house hunting!

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